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Common Space Forum is looking to expand! If there isn't already a chapter in your city you can apply here to start your own. Chapter leaders will be given a budget for food and drinks at their monthly discussions. We'll still do all the research for you, we just need great people like you to host and moderate more conversations! If you're interested in starting your own chapter of Common Space Forum with our support you can apply by clicking the button below.

Discussion guides

Below are the discussion guides we've created for all of our previous conversations. Just click to download! Feel free to use them to host conversations of your own or just to learn more about the topic.

The Rise of Nationalism


Gun rights / Gun Control

The MeToo Movement

Mass Incarceration

The Green New Deal



Income Inequality

The Refugee Crisis

Democratic Socialism

Navigating News in the Information Age

Mental Health

TABOR (Colorado)

Hong Kong Protests

US / Iran Relations

The Coronavirus

Medicare For All

The Gig Economy

The Millenial Economy

Cancel Culture

Police Reform

Big Tech Antitrust

US Voting System

Financial Inequality

Conspiracy Theories

The Stock Market

Political Polarization

The Infrastructure Bill

Gun Rights

Extreme Weather

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Afghanistan Withdrawal

Supreme Court Reform

Russia & Ukraine

American Democracy

Media & Democracy


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