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Values & Beliefs 

Common Space Forum’s goal is to facilitate respectful dialogue between individuals from all walks of life. We aim to provide an environment that fosters learning and growth for everyone involved. We acknowledge that people may hold varying points of view and do not want anyone to shy away from disagreement, because it can lead to a positive learning experience. 


However, we do not condone any viewpoint or statements that serve to undermine others. It will never be our intention to censor the opinions of any participant. Along the same lines, we also owe it to all our attendees to maintain a respectful environment that does not devolve into sweeping generalizations and intentionally inflammatory rhetoric. 

What we would like to see 

  • A space where people feel empowered to express their points of view

  • A space that allows for respectful disagreement 

  • Opinions that are supported by evidence and other forms of research

  • People learning from each other and refining their own beliefs

  • A willingness to explore and understand opposing views

  • Feedback and responses that are communicated in a constructive manner

What we do not want to see 

  • People feeling disrespected or being disrespectful towards others

  • People feeling cornered and/or not being able to speak up truthfully

  • People feeling belittled or unable to participate due to lack of knowledge 

  • Any form of hateful rhetoric and / or misinformation. 

  • Any derogatory / sweeping assumptions without factual evidence

  • Purposely inflammatory intent or “trolling” 

Infractions & Warnings 

Breaching the community guidelines will result in verbal warnings from the moderators and, if warnings are ignored or the breach of guidelines is egregious, can lead to an attendee’s microphone being turned off or removed from the meeting. 

Thank you for helping us keep our events respectful and impactful!  

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