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In today's world, people are spending more time online and less time engaging face-to-face. As algorithms become more effective at exclusively showing us the things we like, the tool that had the potential to connect more humans than anytime in history has come to fuel division instead. 

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From left to right the 4 founders are: Charles DeLoach - President; Miri Miller - Vice President; Toby Snyder - Secretary; James Xiao - Treasurer

​Our mission is to change the trajectory of division by gathering folks who disagree to have a meaningful, face-to face dialogue. However, we understand that staying informed is hard work and nobody wants to yell back and forth about what's fact and fiction. That's why our team has dedicated itself to doing the hard part of wading through the fake news for you. 

We've been at it since June of 2018 and we've been growing ever since. We hope you'll join us!

Here's how it works:

Let people choose what to talk about.

  • Every month we send out an email with 4 topics for people to choose from. You can vote on up to two topics over a week long period. ​

Research, summarize, & send out relevant information about the chosen topic.

  • Once a topic is chosen by majority vote, our team will research and summarize relevant information on the issue. Our 4 common categories include history, data, policy, and opinion. 

  • In the month leading up to our conversation, we send out weekly emails with news articles, podcasts, and documentaries. Everything we send out includes a summary, but if you don't want to read our summaries, we'll give you an overview at the start of our conversation. This means that no prior knowledge is necessary to participate.

Get together for a casual moderated conversation with food and drinks provided.

  • We print out discussion guides compiling all of the information we've researched to hand out at the event. Once we've gone over the information, the conversation begins. Moderators are there to nudge the conversation along, fact check, keep everyone respectful, and participate. ​

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